Atlanta Wheels Chrome Warranty

Atlanta Wheels has established the highest customer satisfaction levels in the custom wheel industry. In order to maintain these levels, the warranties on chrome plated wheels must be understood by the end user. Atlanta Wheels must advise all of our dealers to explain the proper care and maintenance of chrome wheels to the end user. All wheels are covered by the manufacturer's specific warranties and guidelines. We have put together the following information in order to help with all chrome plated warranty issues:

  1. Limited warranty coverage
  2. Limited warranty does not cover
  3. Limited warranty is void due to
  4. Salt & brake dust buildup
  5. Examples of wheels not covered by this warranty
1. Atlanta Wheels Limited Warranty coverage

Atlanta Wheels limited warranty covers only separation (blistering / peeling) of the plating from the wheel or related accessory, not caused by impact, road hazard, or improper installation technique.

Peeling Chrome

Blistered Chrome

1-A Atlanta Wheels limited warranty period for electro chrome-plated 1-Piece wheels is 1 year from the date of purchase. (See below for examples of what is not covered)
1-B Warranty period will be determined from date of invoice.

2. Atlanta Wheels Limited Warranty does not cover

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Corrosion due to chemicals
(Harsh wheel cleaners / polishes such as car wash wheel cleaners which can streak or change the color of the finish)

Climatic conditions
(Road salts, snow melting / traction methods, blowing sand)

(Brake dust build-up)

Damage to bead seat area from the use of incorrect tire lubricant when installing tires.
(Only waterless wax based tire mounting solution should be used)

Acidic Corrosion
(Including animal urine)

Surface corrosion "rust"
(Not covered but can be prevented through proper maintenance.)

Plate damage due to corrosion of base material.

3. Atlanta Wheels Limited Warranty is void due to

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Damage by improper tire mounting or improper tire mounting solution
(wheel peeling along edge due to incorrect machinery or improper mounting techniques)

Improper installation
(Tearing of the chrome plating due to wheel being dragged across center post of wheel balancer.)

(Curb damage, road hazards)

Alteration or modification
(Including damage caused by masking tapes, or razor blades used in painting on top of chrome plating)

Wheels damaged in transit
(Contact your courier or freight carrier.)

Wheels damaged through improper cleaning.
(Must use proper methods to clean wheels. Example of steel wool used on chrome finish.)

4. Salt & brake dust buildup

If you live in areas where there are extreme climate conditions, please be aware that additional care needs to be taken to keep the finish from being damaged. Additionally in any climatic area, care must be taken to periodically remove any brake dust from the inner barrel and windows of the chrome wheels.
Example: areas that use salt on the roads. If the salt comes in contact with the wheel the finish can be damaged. It is advised to install different wheels during these conditions.
Example: in coastal areas extra care needs to be taken to keep the wheels clean as the salt air and an accumulation of brake dust can damage the finish of the wheel.

*** Damage to finish by salt or brake dust build-up is NOT covered by this warranty! ***

5.Examples of wheels not covered by this warranty

Example of pitting from climatic conditions (road salts) on the inside window, and inner barrel. Salts that are not promptly cleaned from the wheel corrode the chrome finish and the soft aluminum casting beneath. This type of damage is not covered under this warranty.

Wheel scratch examples caused by improper re-packaging. When the protective plastic bag is not used, the cardboard shipping materials will act like sand paper against the chrome finish.

Brake Dust Buildup

Improper tire mounting lubricant

Accident (Curb rash)

Accident (Curb hit)

Examples of chrome peeling damage caused by wheel balancer threaded mounting post during installation.

Examples of a chrome wheel that has been cleaned with steel wool.
Examples of curb hit (accident).